Over the weekend,  the Trump campaign Ohio State director, Robert Paduchik, notified Ohio GOP State Central Committee members that the Trump campaign had enough of Chairman Borges’s duplicity and are cutting off its relationship with him. CLICK HERE

This order came directly from Trump after months of not only lackluster support from the Ohio GOP, but at times seeming to sabotage of the Trump campaign by the Chairman of Ohio’s Republican Party, Matt Borges.

Mr Paduchik said:

“It’s no great secret that Chairman Borges was never fully on board, but his actions over the last week demonstrate that his loyalties to Governor John Kasich‘s failed Presidential campaign eclipse his responsibility as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. The Chairman is also driven by an apparently insatiable need for publicity.”

Mr Paduchik included 10 pages of documentation characterizing Borges lack of support for Trump. CLICK HERE

In September, the Ohio GOP State Central Committee unanimously to “approved” the Republican slate of candidates, but during that meeting efforts by State Central Committee member Bill Delaney (Male-11)  and several other active Trump supporters to put forth an “Endorsement” were quietly squelched by the party Chairman and Kasich followers..

Last weekend was the last straw for the Trump campaign.  Chairman Borges was making the rounds to the TV news shows,  pushing his own agenda, rather than attempting to pull party together as a unified front.

This past week Chairman Borges conducted a self-promotional media tour with state and national outlets to criticize our party’s nominee. I have no idea what game he was playing. Some Ohio Republicans have described it as disgraceful, I find it utterly bizarre. Enclosed are several news articles you can read and decide for yourself.

This  decision by the Trump campaign doesn’t surprise many conservative Republicans who’ve witnessed first hand how the Ohio GOP Chairman pushes a Kasich agenda, at any cost, and without regard to integrity of the party.

John McAvoy, says;

“Chairman Borges actions doesn’t surprise anyone.  His consistent track record of disregard for the rules of the party, and his lying and deceiving of Central Committee members. Republicans and the general public are tired of this. This is the reason why Trump receives support that spans all parties, all races, all gender.”

Its easy to see why the Ohio GOP belongs to Gov Kasich. Borges is one of Kasich’s hand picked man who heads up the 66 member GOP State Central Committee, the folks that run the Republican party in the state of Ohio.  About 1/2 of the 66 members are Kasich’s personal pick, helping them get elected to their seats. Most of these,  including Kathleen Borges, Matt Borge’s wife,  were rewarded for their loyalty to Kasich by appointments to various state committees, and of course, Kasich Delegates during the RNC convention in Cleveland CLICK HERE

In a related topic, Third Base Politics contributor Rachel just reported uncovering a fake twitter account being run by the Ohio Republican Party Executive Chairman Katie Eagon.    This account is being used to attack Trump. READ HERE

The we the People Convention issued the following Press release:

Ohio TEA Party leaders today supported the move announced today by the Trump-Pence Campaign to sever ties with Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges in a letter deliver by Trump State Director Robert Paduchick to Republican State Central Committee members.  In his letter Paduchick said “It’s no great secret that Chairman Borges was never fully on board, but his actions over the last week demonstrate that his loyalties to Governor John Kasich’s failed presidential campaign eclipse his responsibilities as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. The Chairman is also driven by an apparent insatiable need for publicity.” Paduchick continued, “I spoke with Mr. Trump on Thursday and he is very disappointed in Matt’s duplicity. Mr. Trump told me, “this is why people have lost faith in the establishment and party leaders.” I have to agree with him.”

Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party said, “We can attest that the actions today by the Trump-Pence campaign, to sever ties with ORP Chairman Borges, are justified by what we have seen on the ground in Ohio. As an example, on October 5th we were notified that Republican State Central Committeewoman Sharon Ray, a Borges loyalist, was preventing volunteers in Medina, Brunswick and Wadsworth, Ohio from taking Trump literature with them when going door-to-door. We have documented numerous similar examples of members of the Ohio Republican Party attempting to sabotage the Trump campaign all over the state. Like Kasich, Borges clearly want’s Hillary Clinton to win. Borges is betraying the wishes of the vast majority of Republican Party members and voters in Ohio who are working their hearts out to elected Donald Trump as the next president and he has no right to do that given his position as ORP Chairman.  We could not agree more with Mr. Trump’s statement that this is why people lose faith in the establishment and party leaders. Republican’s in Ohio lost faith in Borges and the “Ohio Republican Party” years ago when we learned that there really was no Ohio Republican Party, just the Kasich “machine”, led by Mr. Borges, and this if further proof of that fact.”

Zawistowski concluded, “I am joined by my fellow TEA Party leaders, John McAvoy, Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition and Toledo TEA Party, and Glenn Newman, President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and the Marietta 912-Project, and others throughout Ohio, in calling for the Ohio Republican State Central Committee to vote immediately to remove Mr. Borges as Chairman.  If Mr. Borges only wants to work for Mr. Kasich, then he has no business retaining the position of running the Ohio Republican Party, which is bound by it’s by-laws to support the party nominee for President. Like Kasich, Mr. Borges has failed to live up to his word to support the party nominee and his responsibilities as a Republican Party Leader. Mr. Borges is clearly not willing to do the job he is paid to do and therefore should be removed as Chairman. We urge all Ohio Republican’s to read Mr. Paduchick’s letter and then contact their Republican State Central Committee members and demand that they take action against Mr. Borges. Then go out and work as hard as you can to get others to vote for Donald Trump for President!”

Citizens who do not know who their Republican State Central Committee representatives are can find them by going to www.YourNameOnTheBallot.com or by contacting their County Republican Party. Citizens who would like to add their name to a petition calling for Mr. Borges to be removed can do so by going to http://ohrepscc.com.