From my friend Eileen:

Hey, John, down here just east of Columbus in Licking County we have in the last two weeks had 3 Trump Waves, which have been a ton of fun and terribly effective. We stand on the sides of a busy intersection and let the driver’s see

1) that the folks who are along the side of the road really like Trump, with many of them being women,
2) we give the drivers a chance to let others know with their honking that lots of folks in the cars are totally on board the Trump train,
3) we give the drivers who stop and ask for them, Trump signs, and 4) the folks who participate in the Wave are re-energized by the very positive experience.
At the most recent Trump Wave we were near a large restaurant. Almost immediately the owner came out and said we were all welcome to come in and get free pop and coffee, and could we please when we were done, take a group shot in front of his restaurant (a photo of that is attached).
At any rate, Sue Ellen King said you would likely put these photos up on the website. We believe that it might encourage other Patriots to do more Waves around the state. I have about 30 photos, I am only sending three. If you want more, just let me know.