criminals-2 sent #6August 28, 2013

Yesterday the Hamilton County Board of Elections unanimously voted to refer two (2) more people to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation. Uncovered and challenged by Ohio VIP, both people are not Ohio residents but voted in Hamilton County in the 2012 November Election.

Naomi Lewin, former WGUC-FM radio personality, moved to New York in 2009 but has continued to vote in Hamilton County, Ohio from 2009 to 2012. Not only did Ms. Lewin violate the law by voting in a state where she did not live, she used the WGUC offices in downtown Cincinnati as her voting address, which is a commercial property, also disallowed by Ohio law.

Mr. Timothy Merman, a Kentucky resident, has been voting from his Fairfax, Ohio business address since 2008. Both of these individuals were referred to the Prosecutor without recommendation and for further investigation.

Ohio VIP has several other cases currently under investigation with the Prosecutor’s office.

Ms. Christine Macklin- allegedly voted the absentee ballot for her handicapped “father-in-law” from 2008- 2012.

Ms. Damica Engram-Kentucky resident since 8/2012, voted a regular ballot in Bond Hill for the 2012 November Election.