BuilderObama’s base is sticking to its guns when it comes to speaking out against Obamacare.  Back in May, several high profile unions issued strongly worded public statements concerning the threat Obamacare is to health care as they know it.  The Teamsters, Unite-Here and the UFCW are at it again issuing another public letter, this time to Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi.

It turns out that despite their ardent support of Obamacare as it worked its way through Congress, the Teamsters, Unite-Here and UFCW were perfectly happy with their own health care plans and had every intention of keeping them once Obamacare became law. They are a little miffed right now because they have figured out that the President’s promise, that you could keep your health care plan if you liked it, was, shall we say, insincere.  Their letter reads,

“Right now, unless you and the Obama Administration enact an equitable fix, the ACA will shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.”

Obama’s base is right on the money here.  The ACA encourages employers to move lower paid workers to part time so that employers are not responsible to pay for their health benefits.  Full time workers are finding themselves losing hours or losing their jobs altogether as employers scramble to shield themselves from the ACA.  If this trend continues, and it will, a 40 work week will become a thing of the past for many Americans.

The Teamsters, UCFW and Unite-Here would also like their health plans to be eligible for the Obamacare subsidies that other plans will receive under the ACA.  Looks like they have realized that health premiums are going up under Obamacare and so these subsidies may be necessary to keep their plans in business.  Reading between the lines, it’s possible they are saying, give us some of that Obamacare money and we will shut up.

At the end of their letter, the unions assure Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi that they “continue to stand behind real health care reform”.   Their definition of real health care reform must mean health care reform that affects everyone, but them.

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