Media Trackers reports on the activities of Washington County Commissioners Ron Feather and David White both of whom were elected to office in 2012 by conservatives.  The two men have been working to put the county’s finances in order after the previous commissioners had allowed the county’s deficit to ballon to almost $1.5 million.

As part of their cost-cutting activities, Commissioners Feather and White have decided not to reappoint County Administrator Paul Cunningham as they believe many of his duties can be absorbed by other departments, namely the human resource and county clerk departments and even to some extent by Feather and White themselves who would like to take a more hands-on approach.  Media Trackers quotes Mr. Feathers,

“We felt like, ‘No, this is our job. If we’re elected to do it, we’re going to be in our offices, we’re going to be poring over this.’”

Media Trackers indicates that some have alleged that Feather and White are trying to cover “fraudulent activities” by getting rid of the county administrator position.  Others, such as former commissioner Cora Marshall claim county finances are too complex not to have a dedicated person assigned to them, and still others worry that the decision will lead to costly mistakes and increased workloads for remaining staff.

Feather and White’s stewardship is having a positive affect on the county deficit.  Media Trackers reports that the deficit has shrunk to $600,000.

Read Media Trackers full article, “Southeastern Ohio Commissioners Take Heat for Cutting Bureaucracy,” here.