What do you get when you mix Catholic nuns with leftist politics? Leftist nuns, of course. One particular group of leftist nuns have been hitting the pavement full speed this campaigning season with their Nuns on a Bus tour. Traveling through the swing state of Ohio these holy rollers–as the media refers to them–are hard at work preaching the message of big government, higher deficits, and the virtues of keeping the poor in the pocket of the Democratic party.

As with everything liberal, the mainstream media is all too happy to paint a rosary picture of just how wonderful these nuns are. Of course the opposing argument from people of faith is never covered — such as the virtues of not keeping people in poverty … or not spending our great-great-great-great-grandchildren into debt.

Despite the media blackout WE can still make a difference, as shown by Marietta OH 9-12 Project! These true believers met the holy rollers in Marietta Ohio for a healthy does of spiritual warfare, and outed the Nuns on a Bus for what they truly are: “Radical, feminist ideologues whose previous political actions have been so out of step with the teaching of the Catholic Church that they have been condemned by the Vatican.”

So, what happens in the media when we shine the light of truth on radical leftists? Generally nothing. On the other hand, when the Tea Party demonstrators well outnumber the holy rollers: Even the far left media is forced to cover it. Hence the coverage by far left organizations such as Huffington Post in this article.

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