Nero_thumb1Americans posted in Benghazi refuse to stand down and die fighting for freedom while their Commander in Chief leaves them out to dry.  Tea party patriots sacrifice time and money fighting an ever oppressive government only to be targeted by the IRS for holding what can only be defined as truly American beliefs.  Congress and their staffs, well they surreptitiously seek exemption from Obamacare, a law they wrote and passed, while their fellow Americans lose their jobs and health care, close their businesses and worry what will be left of our health care system when a family member needs it most.

This is the state of affairs in America today.  We are no longer one people.  We are two – the ruling class and everyone else.  Everyone else sacrifices, skimps and saves worried about their tomorrow and the tomorrow of their children. Congress, the executive branch, the judicial branch, they pass and sign laws they are not subject to, dream up creative legal arguments to make the unconstitutional constitutional and print an endless supply of money to put off until tomorrow the ever pressing day of reckoning.

So it was refreshing to see two US Congressman from Ohio not mince words when they each released a statement in response to Obama’s latest Obamacare fix, the granting of insurance subsidies to Congress and their staffs.  US Rep. Jim Renacci (OH-16) asserts,

“Once again, the Obama Administration has picked a chosen few for an exemption from Obamacare – this time the very people who wrote the law and then rammed it through the legislative process. We don’t need another loophole for Washington insiders. We need to fully repeal this 3,000 page unmitigated disaster and replace it with real, market based reforms that will expand coverage and lower costs. In other words, every American should get a permanent exemption from Obamacare.”

And US Rep. Brad Wenstrup (OH-2) initiated a national petition drive calling on President Obama, Senator Reid, and Rep. Pelosi to live under the laws they wrote and passed.  He states,

“Obamacare is bad medicine and giving a special exemption for any member of Congress or congressional staffer goes against the rule of law.  If there’s one thing all Americans can agree on it’s that Washington insiders should not be given the privilege of avoiding the dangers of Obamacare.  Americans who agree that, when it comes to Obamacare, there should be no special pass for Congress can go to and sign the national petition calling for end to this outrage.”

Thank you, Representatives Renacci and Wenstrup, for speaking some sanity in the face of hypocrisy and self indulgence.  And to the other Ohio Congressmen, it is time to take a stand as well, not just pay lip service to one.

Rep. Renacci’s press release can be found here.
Rep. Wenstrup’s petition drive notice can be found here.