Whether you love Ron Paul, hate him, or are somewhere in between, we think you’ll find this short excerpt followed by the full article on Chris Littleton’s blog worth your while. It might help you better understand what motivates Congressman Paul, who in turn motivated many folks to start a tea party before the tea parties as we know them today were even conceived…

[box]Why, and how for that matter, is Ron Paul still going strong? How the heck has a 77 year old man captured the imagination of today’s youth? Answer: for the man that inspired the new tea party movement in 2007, this was never about being President. It was always about advancing the cause of freedom. And this R3VOLUTION is just getting started, so on he goes!

By no means am I close with Dr. Paul, but I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at a couple events where he spoke, and I’ve had a chance to sit and chat with him in his DC office a few times as well. The first thing that strikes you with Dr. Paul is his humility, a trait that is almost non-existent in politicians.

This humility exuded each time I was around him as he asked the most genuine questions of people who he had never met. The last time I was with him in DC, I brought an absolutely amazing young lady with me who invested more time and energy into his primary election than almost anyone you will ever meet.

When I explained what she had done for his election this year, he didn’t blow her off with a simple thank you and a hand shake. Instead, his eyes lit up and he simply asked her, “Why did you do that?”

And he didn’t mean – why did you do this for me? He meant, what inspired you to help the cause of freedom? As she began to clearly articulate the importance of freedom in life – he sat entranced as if no one had ever told him that story before, like a school boy listening to some amazing adventure.

When she finished, he was grinning from ear to ear and the 70+ years were long gone, replaced with the same hopes and dreams of the thousands of young people he has inspired to carry forth the message of freedom into the next generation.

At that moment, I was reminded of the last time I saw him and a simple answer he gave me to a very simple question. Why does he press forward even when things look horrible? He replied by telling me that things weren’t horrible at all, and that he had great hope for the future because “liberty was alive and well in the next generation.”