Ohioans_for_Workplace_FreedomA message from Bruce Hull, Ohioans for Workplace Freedom

We are now in the middle of our campaign to collect “2000 signatures in 10 days.” We currently have 450 signatures collected.  Two special events for collecting signatures are coming up for us in the Dayton area, the Montgomery County Fair and Cedarfest. These are opportunities for collecting signatures that we will not have in during the winter months so we need to collect all we can now.

Our Beavercreek Liberty Group has been leading the effort statewide and I am quite proud of that.  In business if you need to know where you are in order to determine where you are going.  We are stepping up our efforts on counting signatures statewide in order to better achieve our goal.

A new address for turning in petitions is:

Ohioans for Workplace Freedom
PMB 346
3915 Dayton- Xenia Rd., Suite 900
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434-6390

We will be sorting petitions by county and start posting our state numbers on various Facebook pages and websites throughout Ohio.  We could use a new computer with Excel and a few extra bookshelves if you know anyone who can donate these items!  We are also looking for volunteers locally to help us with our efforts. Our goal is to begin reporting to county coordinators and petitioners in each county where they stand as far as their numbers.  We need to be sure we get each county to the certified level of signatures!

What started out as my desire to push the bar on Workplace Freedom and be a county coordinator has compelled me to step up and lead not only my local group but the entire state. Sometimes in your life you realize that you are needed for a greater purpose than yourself. I will always remember our group out in the on rain this past July 4th in Centerville gathering signatures – and seeing Marlene customizing a trash bag into a rain suit so she could get out into the crowd!  All I ask is that you honor Marlene and everyone in the state like her who have been out gathering petitions.

Until next November, my life is going to be about Workplace Freedom.  I am committing myself to getting this issue on the ballot and fighting for it to pass. Ohio needs a Workplace Freedom law. Millions of jobs and the future prosperity of our state depend on it (learn more here).  Please get involved if you haven’t yet. Please dust off your petition clipboard and start collecting. Our effort will not be in vain and I sense that this initiative is going to take off.  Citizens will put this on the ballot and citizens will vote Ohio to the 25th right-to-work state.  I am asking you be a part of it.

Love you all,
Bruce Hull
Statewide Coordinator
Ohioans for Workplace Freedom
Become a volunteer at: www.ohioansforworkplacefreedom.com