workerIn 2012, both Indiana and Michigan passed workplace freedom or “right-to-work” laws. A workplace freedom law gives individual workers the freedom to decide whether or not they want to join a union. It does NOT eliminate collective bargaining or take away the right of workers to form a union.

Ohio needs jobs and our political class – led by Republican Governor John Kasich – has proven either unable or unwilling to fix the problem. Consider,

  • Ohio has experienced the 5th worst job growth among the states since 1990.
  • The average worker freedom state grew 42% since 1990, while the average forced unionization state only grew 16%.
  • Ohio’s growth since 1990 was only 8.1% – half that of the average forced unionization state. (Source Opportunity Ohio).

Right now there is a citizen’s initiative underway to put a workplace freedom law on the ballot in our state called OhioansforWorkplaceFreedom.

  • Volunteers are needed to collect signatures on Election Day, November 5th.
  • Would you be willing to take off work and dedicate “One Day for Ohio” to help collect signatures for workplace freedom?
  • Learn about volunteering on Election Day by visiting this link:

Help create jobs in Ohio and help our state give workers the freedom to decide. It is up to the citizens to make this happen. Please volunteer!