Ohioans_for_Workplace_FreedomThis past weekend three volunteers from Central Ohio added 98 signatures to those obtained previously for the Workplace Freedom initiative. Sue Ellen King, Meta Hahn and Tom Castor, all Westerville TEA Party members, worked at two different venues and on two different days to get an impressive number of signatures.

The group’s first venue was Fourth Friday, a Westerville staple throughout the summer. The Westerville TEA Party has a booth in front of the Buckeye BrewCraft store in downtown Westerville. Twenty-two signatures were the group’s total that night.

On Saturday, the group journeyed about twenty miles north to get signatures at the Sunbury/Galena Festival, a venue in Republican-friendly Delaware County. They obtained 76 signatures that day.

Future dates and events where signatures will be collected will be announced. Anyone interested in assisting with this project may contact Carol Bicking using the form below.

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