Close-up of a crane grabA message from Bruce Hull, State Petition Coordinator, Ohioans for Workplace Freedom:

Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is asking for individuals and groups to participate in our “One Day for Ohio” campaign where we have set a goal of collecting 100,000 signatures on Election Day, November 5th across Ohio’s 88 counties.

  • It will only take 12-15 petitioners per county at various polling locations to achieve this goal.
  • Workplace Freedom is now on the move and we are focused on getting this issue placed on the ballot for November 2014.
  • Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is assisting individuals as well as groups throughout the state in getting ready for this event. We have materials and signs available for those who wish to participate.
  • If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, we can get you in touch with a team leader.

Governor Kasich is against putting this issue on the ballot in 2014. My message to the governor is we have our own Controlling Board and it is “We the People.”

Your involvement is needed in the polling places that are the best and easiest for collecting signatures. It takes a table, two Workplace Freedom signs, and a few clip boards.  By working at the right polling location you can reasonably expect to collect 400-600 signatures in one day.

Every county must do their part toward the goal! I have a list of top statewide polling places that I can share with you. We lost a big battle Monday on Medicaid expansion but on this issue – and with your help – we can still make Ohio a workplace freedom state.

Get more information from our website as well as download petitions and instructions at this link: