If Governor Kasich should happen to read the WSJ’s latest piece on Medicaid expansion, “Obamacaid,” you’ve got to wonder if he might start feeling a little silly for his efforts to push this sham on Ohio. And for those OLC members who have fought Kasich on this issue, you will enjoy seeing the WSJ recap many of our arguments:images

  • The US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion was unconstitutional. Even liberal justices Breyer and Kagan joined with the majority pointing out that expansion transformed Medicaid from a program to care for the neediest among us to a means to achieve universal health coverage.
  • The promise of the federal government fully funding Medicaid expansion is a pipe dream; eventually the states will be left holding the bag.
  • Medicaid provides poor health care to the needy because providers are not reimbursed appropriately. An expansion trial in Oregon found no significant improvement in physical health in the study’s participants as compared to the uninsured.
  • If the politicians pushing Medicaid expansion really cared about the health care of the poor, they would try to reform Medicaid rather than expand it.

The Journal’s witty piece takes a poke at a lot of folks – including Mitt Romney and his “Project Orca” disaster – but if you are an Ohioan, you’ll notice the veiled reference to John Kasich. Referring to the attacks against the 26 states that have opted out of expansion to date, the WSJ writes,

“The Beltway boys and their allies in the hospital industry that are ravenous for more federal revenue are stunned that their bribery failed. So the new line of assault is to declare that the 26 conscientious objector states must hate poor people, or racial minorities, or Saint Peter and Christianity itself.”

The WSJ also cleverly points out that ‘the open for business and in need of customers’ Obamacare exchanges appear to be “clones” of Medicaid with their limited network of providers, low reimbursement levels, poor patient choice and burdensome regulation. So the WSJ has coined a new name for the exchanges, “Obamacaid.”

When it comes to Medicaid expansion, Lord only knows when Kasich will see the light. Let’s just hope the WSJ piece shakes him from his socialist stupor.

Read the WSJ’s article, “Obamacaid” here.