For the last few months,  the folks at the Ohio Precinct Project have been traveling around Ohio, conducting regional workshops on the importance of the county central committee, and what you need to do to run for your central committee.

Central Committee is the single most important job in the party, as the entire party foundation is built on this neighborhood party representative.

I’ve stated at many meetings;

“If you’re a liberty minded person who attends a two hour Tea Party meeting once a month,  you will spend LESS TIME as a Central Committee member,  AND,  instead of sitting in a Tea Party meeting listening to someone else talk about solutions, you’ll be participating in a Central Committee meeting implementing solutions.”

Now that you’re considering running for your county Central committee, the first stop is your county board of elections to get a current list of Central Committee members for your party.

To make this job easier and save you a trip, Your Name on The Ballot has retrieved the Central Committee records for all 88 counties and posted them on their web site.  CLICK HERE to go to the State filings page for central committee.

When you click “DOWNLOAD”, you’ll be taken to an file index page that lists of all the counties and their corresponding filings.  The vast majority of these county files are scanned “pdf” files that you can download and then print on your computer.

The scanned files will contain the”Central Committee” listing and the  “Executive Committee” listing.  Look at the titles of the pages as you read through to make sure your looking at the correct listing.

You should be able to find your precinct and figure out if its VACANT or who the current Central Committee representative is.

If you aren’t sure what precinct you live in,  you can use the handy “Voter Name Lookup” to find your precincts and voting districts..  This tool is also great for verifying if someone who signed your petition packet lives in your district.


REMINDER – The Precinct Project is holding a “Rally to Recruit” on Oct 31st.  Mark your calendar.